Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Customer Information

Who is collecting the data?

All data related to people is collected by the business owner, Cassie Hughes.

In addition, we use Google analytics to collect anonymous data about how people navigate around our sites, in order to monitor and improve the experience.

What data is being collected?

  • Pupils name
  • Pupil or parents contact number
  • Pupil or parents email address
  • Pupils address
  • Pupils date of birth
  • Parents name
  • Any information the teacher should be aware of, including, but not limited to, allergies and medication.
  • Name, address and phone number of pupil’s doctor.

Data Sharing

Pupils name and date of birth is used to enter pupils into the correct age group in competitions with CLRG and British Arts organisations only. It is not shared with any other organisations.

How will the information be used?

The customer information is used purely for teacher to parent/pupil communication, in the event of a medical emergency and competition entry.

How long is the data stored for?

Customer information is collected when a pupil joins Forrestall School of Irish Dancing and updated at the start of each academic year. When a pupil stops dancing or leaves Forrestall School of Irish Dancing, the information is destroyed because it is no longer required.

How is the data protected?

The data is stored on paper inside an A4 folder or in emails if received via the online forms. The folder and the emails are only accessible by Cassie Hughes.

In the event of a cover teacher being needed, the physical folder will be assessable to an appropriate cover teacher for use in the event of an emergency, or if parent contact information is needed only. Data stored electronically will be printed and distributed where required and only for the duration required for use. The data is carried in the folder to each class.

Access to customer information

If a customer would like a copy of the information held about them, they can request this via email to If a customer would like their data removed, they can request this via email to